You can undertake any course you have in the ‘continue learning’ section of your bookshelf. 

To access the course or to see your course status click on the course tile. 


The course will then be opened in the same window. 

The courses have an interactive slide after the title screen which will outline the navigation of the course. Once you have completed the course or would like to leave the course, for now, select select ‘X’ to return to the bookshelf. When you return to the course you will be taken back to the slide where you exited, so there is no need to complete your course in one sitting. 


When you exit the course you will be returned to the ‘Bookshelf’. If you have successfully passed the course you will need to complete your reflection before your course is fully complete. Your course will be marked as ‘reflection pending’ click on the course and complete your reflection on the dropdown box. Once complete your course will move to ‘Completed learning’. 

If you have not achieved a pass mark click on the course tile again. You will be able to see your current attempt status and if you have attempts remaining at the assessment, you will be able to select ‘start new attempt’.

If you fail all attempts at the assessment, your course will automatically move into the completed learning section and be marked as failed. In order to pass the course, you will have to repurchase the course. You can do this by clicking on the course tile in the completed learning section and selecting ‘purchase again’.